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What's new

  • 2014.08.11

    Episode9 is released!

    • 2014.06.30

      Episode8 is released!

    • 2014.04.19

      Totaly renewed "Chimamire My Love epsode1" !!

    • 2014.02.24

      "Chimamire My Love epsode7" is released !!




    Chimamire Mai Love

    Is this a "MANGA" ?
    Mamoru Oshii seeks for a new style.

    ■ STORY

    Oneday a high school boy “Me”, a blood donation mania, fatefully encounter a beautiful real vampire “Mai”.
    Because Mai can’t suck blood directly from human, “ME” always beetle to obtain blood for her.
    There are many “hidden blood donation manias” in ME’s high school, but the fact that Mai is a vampire is a secret.
    Can “Me” keep a secret and keep obtaining blood for Mai?

    ■ STAFF

    Original story / Directed by Mamoru Oshii

    Script : Kei Yamamura

    Original character design : Hidari

    Animation Director : Uta Mizuno / Romanov Higa